Extend the range and effectiveness of your in-house staff by leveraging TotalFacility nationwide.

On-Demand Work
NTE (not To Exceed) driven standard repair and maintenance.
Emergency Response
Same day response and resolution for your critical needs.
Scheduled Services
Pre-planned, managed and on-going preventative maintenance.
Project Management
From small to large and managed from scope creation to completion.

Offering Comprehensive Facility Services 24/7/365
Across more than 85 trades

TotalFacility's Quality Contractor Network

Our independent contractors are pre-qualified and continuously score-carded based on multiple factors including:
  • Business Professionalism
  • Licensing
  • Insurance
  • Service Performance
  • Cost and More

35,000+ Contactors Across North America

Risk Management

Key Elements of a more effective enterprise-wide risk management Program:
  • Tracking and compliance of insurance and license requirements
  • $10,000,000 umbrella insurance policy covering all work managed by TotalFacility
  • Verification of competitive market pricing
  • Client advocate/vendor neutral
  • Dedicated service professionals that do only one thing - Facility Management

TotalFacility Is Always Prepared for Your Rainy Day!

Client Dashboard and Standard reporting

Custom Reporting and Software Solutions Available

Cost Savings

We reduce client's overall facility management costs by:
  • Visibility to spend and service frequency across the entire portfolio
  • Competitive national pricing driven by demand aggregation
  • Single contract to manage for all trades
  • Soft-cost savings through batch invoicing and TotalFacility AP/AR efficiencies
  • Web-based work-order portal with no software to install
  • Systematic cost controls
  • Multiple bids and market pricing analysis for projects

Data Visibility Effective Management