Managing your assets just got easier with TotalFacility!

Do you want to know the location, annual Repair & Maintenance cost, and condition of each piece of equipment across all your locations?

Through our proprietary mobile-friendly work-order management system, TotalFacility can efficiently help manage and track your asset data. This powerful tool will aid in making sound capital budget decisions and allow quick access to a host of important data points.

Our process is cost effective and easy to use. We will assign and tag each asset (kitchen equipment, HVAC unit, etc.) with a unique tracking number. At the same time, we will capture any additional unit specific information required. Your assets are now identified and viewable in your portal.

A variety of reports are housed in the portal to fit your individual needs and goals. Some popular details are: asset age, R & M spend, physical location, service records, photos, condition, brand, model number, etc.

Asset tracking options are available in both our Enterprise and OnDemand fm (self-managed) solutions.

To get started or for more information please contact TotalFacility.